Doug Smith

Doug SmithDoug Smith A life-long folk rock and classic music fan, Doug proudly enters his fifth decade in the music industry as rhythm guitarist and vocalist for the LA-based band, Two Meteors. Doug's passion for all things music began at a young age, where his six brothers and sisters exposed him to everything from Bob Dylan to The Beatles. Doug attended Visitation Catholic Elementary School in Westchester, Los Angeles, where he met Dennis Mancino and Dennis Grady. The three quickly formed their first band, playing at parties and camping trip sing-along’s. Though the band dissolved in high school, the three remain close friends to this day.

Doug graduated from St. Bernard High School in 1970 and began his career in the food service industry. Prior to his 25 years at Sysco, Doug was a “cousin “at the Marina Del Rey's Warehouse Restaurant. It was there where he met Wendy, and the two married a few years later.

At his wedding, Doug reunited with Dennis Grady and performed "Happiness Runs" and “Teach Your Children” to his new bride.

Doug and Wendy currently reside in West Los Angeles, and recently celebrated their 34th wedding anniversary. Their children have since transplanted to Northern California, Jamie and her husband Scott in Davis, and Justin in San Francisco.

Though Doug's musical aspirations took a backseat to his growing family, he picked up his Gibson guitar once again decades later for his daughter's wedding. Doug surprised Jamie and danced with her to his own recording of "The Wedding Song." From there, Doug's recording discography exploded, and 200+ songs later, he continues covering everything from Bob Dylan and Joni Mitchell to Mumford & Sons and Adele.

Reuniting with Dennis Mancino today as a fellow Meteor is truly a pinnacle in Doug's life. "I never knew at 60 that such a great 'new' friend would come along. I know we will be playing music together forever, and I can't wait for what's next to come!"
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