About the Band

Two Meteors Band covers rock classics spanning five decades,
and original songs by Dennis Mancino and Doug Smith.



Original Songs
written and performed by
Dennis Mancino

My Boys

Dancing at McConahays

My Soulmate
Live Performances
'Baby I Love You'

Two Meteors Band covers rock classics spanning five decades...

from the Beatles, Rolling Stones, Creedence, Cream, Rod Stewart, the Byrds, Beach Boys, Clapton, and Dylan to the Avett Brothers, the Travelin’ Wilburys, Mumford & Sons, the Killers, the Wallflowers, and Jason Mraz.


Two Meteors Band
plays at venues throughout most of Southern California. Their
most recent performance was at the Toyota Summer Concert Series in Lancaster.

This two man band achieves full-band sound by playing multiple instruments. Dennis contributes with lead guitar, bass, drums, piano, organ, cello, violin and vocals. Doug contributes rhythm guitar, percussion, vocals. Both artists share lead vocals during live performances.

Two Meteors Band
has recently completed recording their first album and are presently working on a second effort.

Two Meteors Band was formed by two close friends who had grown up in elementary and high school together.

Dennis Mancino and Doug Smith met while in fourth grade at Visitation Catholic Elementary School in Westchester, California. Instantly they became good friends, such good friends that they had to be separated in the classroom for talking too much during lessons. And by the time they were in fifth grade they were earning “F” grades in conduct.

While in their sixth grade class both became interested in music following the first Beatles’ performance on the Ed Sullivan Show on February 9, 1964.

In the next two years Dennis and Doug formed a band and played at various school and family functions.

They continued to play music together for a while in high school, however, as with most who graduate, they went off their separate ways pursuing their careers, periodically performing separately at various venues.

They visited each other a few times over the next couple decades. However, while attending their fortieth high school reunion, Dennis and Doug began sharing their recorded music with each other and in 2012 began playing music together again as Two Meteors Band.

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